“Rocket Summer” is live at Flytrap Magazine

The newly revived Flytrap Magazine has released issue #11, featuring a generous helping of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. I’m proud to see my cross-genre short story, “Rocket Summer,” incuding in the Table of Contents.

The online version is free, so please take a look!

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“Southside Gods” is live at Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show

I’m a little late in posting this, but “Southside Gods” is up at Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.  (You’ll need a subscription to read the whole story, but trust me, it’s worth it!)

Also: I got news of this sale right after attending my first Worldcon in San Antonio.  Great way to finish out the weekend!

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“The Social Phobic’s Guide to Interior Design” is live at Flash Fiction Online

And here it is!

I love this little piece, and I’m a big fan of Flash Fiction Online.  I’m very pleased to have placed another story with them!

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I’m pleased to announce my second sale to Flash Fiction Online, “The Social Phobic’s Guide to Interior Design.”  This one’s not my typical speculative fiction fare, but I’m fond of it, and happy it’s found a home.

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“Of Ash and Old Dreams” is out to Daily Science Fiction subscribers!

Check your inbox, it’s probably in there somewhere.  If not, please go subscribe to Daily Science Fiction.  Boatloads of short fiction, zero cost to you!

For stubborn non-subscribers, I’ll post the permalink when it becomes available.

As usual, I am pleased and proud.

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“The Ballad of Marisol Brook” is live @ Lightspeed

And it’s up!  It’s the first featured science fiction story for the month of June, and comes with an amazing illustration by artist Galen Dara.

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Just signed the contract!  ”Of Ash and Old Dreams” will appear in Daily Science Fiction. If you’re a subscriber, watch your inbox; if not, head over to their page and subscribe!

Also, this is my third SFWA-qualifying professional sale, so I’m now eligible for full membership.  This is, from my humble perspective, awesome beyond words.

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“Beholder” is Live @ Flash Fiction Online

Have a drink to celebrate!Check it out!  This is my first professional-level sale to actually appear in print.

There are no words for my excitement.

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You know, generally speaking, if I’m running through the house at 5:30 am, partially clothed and fully freaking out, it’s because something’s on fire.

This morning, it was because I sold a short story to Lightspeed.

I am still adjusting.  In the meanwhile, look for “The Ballad of Marisol Brook” in the not-terribly-distant future.

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My sociological sci-fi story, “Beholder,” is forthcoming in Flash Fiction Online.  When I wrote this one, I was doubtful that I could pack a solid emotional punch into a thousand words, so I took it as a personal challenge.  It paid off, and I am absolutely thrilled!

This is my first pro sale, by the way.  When I got the news, I almost blacked out from excitement.

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